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Facilitator, Magic Maker, Moon Worshipper

Camilah was born and mostly raised in Kansas City, Kansas. Yes, there are two Kansas Cities, KCK, and Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up in the lesser known of the two, she knew she needed to see and experience other places and things. This led her to New Orleans for undergrad, where she majored in Psychology. Being completely unmoored after graduating, she went back home to work and for grad school, earning a Masters degree in Social Work.


This led to extremely purposeful work, a deep belief in social justice, and ultimately burn out. Needing to pivot, Camilah found herself working in higher education, with jobs in California and Atlanta, and a corporate job in Washington, DC. Feeling like she had unfinished business, Camilah felt the call to return to NOLA, where she currently resides. The one constant in all the change has been yoga.


Camilah completed her first teacher training in 2017, with the intention to deepen her practice, not to teach. Through student teaching she caught the bug, and realized the incredible lightness of being that comes from sharing the practice. She’s loved every minute since. Camilah is a writer, yoga teacher, clinical aromatherapist, herbalist, maker, Reiki Master, tarot reader, traveler, and believer in all things spiritual, magical, mystical, and wonderous. She is passionate about helping others uncover their best and highest selves.


What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?


Ardha Chandrasana.


What’s your favorite song?


The Rainbow Connection.


Favorite Lines


The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me.


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“Camilah is a spiritual goddess and amazing yoga teacher. She knows her stuff but was able to be light hearted as well being able to laugh and have fun with it. She is very in touch with the universe and spiritual energy and helped me enter a world of chakras that I’ve only dipped my toes into. She gave me great ideas for personal yoga adjustments and was great at pose breakdowns.”


-Madisen, Fiji Sept 2019





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“Tell me,

what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver


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