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MEET Concetta codding

Yoga teacher, special education teacher & Reiki master

All her life, Concetta Codding has been drawn towards something greater than herself. Searching for a greater purpose in the Universe and drawing upon its energy, Concetta studied in Connecticut and received her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2017. She went to Peru in July 2018 for her 300 hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher training with School Yoga Institute. She is currently a certified 500 hour Yoga Teacher.


Since her first training, she has been locally leading classes in the hope of teaching how to breathe, meditate, flow and ultimately heal. She received her Reiki 1 certificate in 2017 and Reiki 2 & 3 in Sedona, Arizona in 2018. She also has her Masters degree in Multicultural Urban Special Education and is a Special Education teacher at Killingly High School. She founded the New England Meditation Group and has been trying to spread the Sacred practice of Meditation throughout Connecticut and the surrounding states. The New England Meditation group currently consists of over 500 members and is growing each day. There are affiliates for the group, who lead group meditations throughout New England to help others in the community connect to their Higher Self.

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Concetta offers a rhythmic & devotional flow practice teaching students to connect mind to breath and reclaim the power to calm your mind and body with every inhale and exhale. She also teaches a sweet, strong vinyasa guided by a rooted intention that has been known to change lives. At the end of class Yin poses lead to a calming, balancing effect on the body and mind guiding us into a sacred savasana. Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, everyone participates accordingly to their level as everyone is invited to share in the gifts yoga has to offer.

Concetta infuses her classes with a tranquil energy upholding tradition through breathwork, mantra and philosophy. Music is an essential part of class, specifically inspirational, devotional and healing music. Come join us for a journey into the power within that is for everyone who wants to acquire the power to understand, learn and heal.

Concetta Codding - School Yoga Institute Teacher

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?


Any variation of Lotus pose, Padmasana. I love the connection to Earth and Water as well as the symbol of spiritual awakening through the unfolding of the petals. When in Lotus pose, I feel both grounded and spiritually connected. It is in this pose when I can rest in deep peace, our true essence.


What is your favorite quote?


“We are all walking each other home.” – Ram Dass


What inspires you in your practice?


I am so inspired by devotion and the path of Bhakti Yoga. The sweetness of offering every act and thought to Krishna is a beautiful practice that I deeply admire. I am inspired by those completely immersed in love.
Instagram: @concettacodding


“Concetta is pure light. Her energy is so calm, and she was always there for us with a big smile. Concetta has given me (and the group) so much love. She knows very clearly her path (the path of yoga and love) and she follows! She is such an amazing being 💫”






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“Tell me,

what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver


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