Gabriella embodies the divine femenine in all aspects of her life.

Living and sharing as a homemaker, nutritionist, jewelry artist, painter, herbalist, massage therapist, doula, prenatal yoga teacher, naturalist and mother. She celebrates the energy of creation within every step through life. Continually living in awe and admiration of the beauty and perfection of every moment.


She is particularity drawn to the sacred time of pregnancy when the universe opens just a bit more, and the creative energies of the universe flow in. Embodying the pregnancies and naturally euphoric births of her daughter, Munai, and son Manny, her love and passion emanates in holding space for the new souls residing within a pregnant mother.



She shares prenatal yoga classes and teacher trainings, wimin’s gatherings, and sacred feminine retreats with School Yoga Institute, Mystical Yoga Farm, and Indi Birth. She is the co-founder of Mystical Mama Yoga with her partner, Mara Panacci. Her love and devotion is felt in attending her gatherings where ancestors and spirits of the ancient merge with mamas of modern life to create magic.


Gabriella currently lives in the Californian Sierra mountains with her family. She is immersing herself in the precious time of motherhood. Gardens grow, yoga is shared, art flows, tea is sipped and harmony is created.




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“Tell me,

what is it youR plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver


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