Warm, deeply grounded, poetic speaker, coach, writer and yoga teacher.

Gigi is a warm, deeply grounded, poetic speaker, coach, writer and yoga teacher. Her eyes are piercing. You know when she looks at you she is seeing your soul.


Her calling is to create programs that guide women to relate differently to their bodies, visions and wounds they have carried or buried, in order for them to root into their own unique medicine for the world.


She believes when the women are well - the earth is well. And she is on a mission to water the sacred wellness in the lives of as many women as possible.


She can guide women to this level of depth only because she has gone their herself. Her personal journey gives her the ability to coach from a true embodied experience and this is felt and allows her to show up with deep compassion, vulnerability, love, non-judgment, integrity and wisdom to all those she meets. She can meet others with this because she has met herself there.

Some of Gigi’s experience includes: Leading workshops at Ra Ma Yoga institute, speaking at Mankato State University, US Bank, Comcast, and Northeast Middle School. She is also a former Huff Post contributor, best selling author and creator of the Embodied Ally Program, Birthing a Vision Course, and Sacred Mother Yoga.


Most of the programs Gigi creates are birthed through prayer and meditation. So she bridges the intuitive insights she receives from prayer along with ancient spiritual teachings, embodiment practices and her lifelong devotion to the studies of spirit.


This results in an approach that is grounded, innovative, and poetic.

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“Tell me,

what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver

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