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Yin Yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, Vegetarian, ray of sunshine

Inka, the name coming from Peru, means the Child of Sun, which describes this yogini well. She is enthusiastic, energetic, allowing the sun shine upon her, reflecting light, happiness, love and gratitude in her everyday life.Yoga has been part of Inka’s life for over six years and it has changed and transformed her life. “Yoga has made me mentally stronger, emotionally more steady and flexible and fearless both on and off the mat.”


Inka completed her RYT 200 in Shanghai, China (Body & Soul Yoga) and RYT 500 in Peru with School Yoga Institute. She is a world traveler having practiced, retreated and workshopped all over the world, which has inspired and influenced greatly her teaching style, which is evolving continuously. Inka has been teaching for three years in various countries including China, Finland and Costa Rica. “I love when cultures collide, especially in yoga.” Teaching in different countries has given Inka a foundation and deeper understanding of the cultural differences within yoga scene and also the differences in body types. She teaches in English and in Finnish using Sanskrit in calling asanas.


Inka is following her Dharma, her life purpose of sharing love and light through yoga. Vinyasa Flow is her soul practice, and her flows are strong and creative. “Sweating with a smile”, as she likes to have it. She really enjoys the practice of Yin Yoga and guiding people on a journey through yin practice. Yin allows one to journey deeper into the true being and finding the connection on a soul level through slow asana practice. She also teaches aerial-yoga which resembles her playful side.


As being a vegetarian for past two decades Inka has a strong understating on yogic diet and nutrition. In addition, she is a Personal Trainer (EuropeActive), with training skills on physiological, mental and nutritional coaching. Inka has a Master’s Degree in International Marketing and she likes to combine her life coaching and teacher skills with business experience and act as a mentor for university students on their career and life choice challenges.


Through the Yoga Teacher Training her intention is to hold space and guide people of their yogic paths towards transformation and deeper self-realization. Holding space for students on their path is role that she takes very seriously but with fun and caring attitude. “Yoga is a journey through yourself to yourself and everyday the journey is different. I believe yoga is accessible for everyone and yoga practice is about meeting yourself on and off the mat as you are. I do believe that the world would be better place if everyone would practice yoga”.


What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?


Chakrasana or Urdva Dhanurasana the wheel pose. Wheel, the all chakra pose opens heart and is an amazing opening for the entire spine. I feel incomplete without this pose in my daily practice. As in Sivananda style practice, I add Chakrasana after my shoulder stand sequence. In the pose, I stay for 15 breaths and like to stretch out my legs up towards to the sky. I usually do 3 rounds of this pose with constructive rest in between. Such a strong, humbling yet empowering pose.


What is your favorite quote?


“How long is forever? Sometimes just one second.” — Lewis Carroll

Time is what we make out of it. We have one life in this body, so live it well that every second is like forever.


What inspires you in your practice?


I practice daily 90 minutes and it’s my grounding, my centering, my prayer and my mediation. Just moving with my breath, releasing anything that does not serve me and allowing myself o surrender to the very present moment. I channel my inspiration for my practice from my surrounding environment by feeling, sensing, observing what’s around me. Prana, breath is such of an inspiration, just observing what goes on in body during each breath.


Inka Gutierrez



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“Punctuality, consistency, clarity, so much love and care for students, and always willing to sit and speak with us outside of class to talk about our journey.”

-Hamish Jetson, Peru Sept 2019





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“Tell me,

what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver

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