E-RYT 500, Trauma-Informed Educator, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Emotional Freedom Facilitator & passionate writer.

Jeanine Talento, E-RYT 500, is a Trauma-Informed Educator, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Emotional Freedom Facilitator & passionate writer. Jeanine believes in the power of healing through a reconnection to Self, authenticity, vulnerability, and an honoring of our unique human experiences.

A seasoned facilitator of 1:1 mentorships, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats & Women’s circles, Jeanine brings a light hearted approach to Trauma Informed work that normalizes and releases shame around the difficulties of being human.

Jeanine’s yoga journey began in 2006 in New York City as a way to seek relief from mental health struggles including anxiety, depression, OCD and insomnia. Little did she know, the same perceived suffering that brought her to Yoga would be exactly what she alchemized into her power, purpose, and personalized offerings.

A long time student of Psychology, Jeanine is adamant about the intersection of Yoga and Trauma-Informed principles. With over 1000 hours of Trauma Informed Training, Jeanine weaves the powerful topics of Yoga for Mental Health, Addiction, and Trauma into YTT curriculum in a way that is accessible, inclusive, and allows for integration.

The foundation of Jeanine’s work is that liberation from trauma requires a collaboration of compassionate inquiry, somatic curiosity, releasing shame, and recognizing our limiting core beliefs all through creating a safe space where folks can explore their inner landscape with patience and permission.

Jeanine is committed to her on-going development as a teacher, space holder, and human being. She completed the year-long graduate level program Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate, six-month Introduction to Internal Family Systems with Dick Schwartz, a year-long Certificate in Contemplative Psychotherapy through the Nalanda Institute and an Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate through The Embody Lab.

When she’s not traveling + teaching, Jeanine resides in Oceanside, CA with her bulldog Burrito.


~Jeanine held such a strong, supportive yang energy throughout the training. Her experience in the yoga world is so rich and her knowledge really shows through. Her feedback for me after the 90 min peer teaching was so amazing, authentic and heartfelt, and it really was course-altering for me to be seen in that way. She was always able to answer questions I had with such articulation and made my experiences throughout the training feel so valid.

~Her knowledge and wisdom on the nervous system, psychology, trauma and also yoga in general – and how she passed that knowledge in such a easy to understand and embodied way. The perfect balance between how she held space and showed up as a teacher and mentor yet the kindness and empathy and loving open heart to connect with each of us on a personal level… so beautiful.