Registered 200 hour Yoga teacher, and currently in the process of completing her Yoga Therapist Certification.

Katie is a passionate student and teacher who found herself embarking on a journey dedicated to becoming her most authentic self, engaging in practices of Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, Plant and Animal Medicine, self-study, travel, and devotion to Mother Earth to help guide her on a path of self healing and expansiveness. Fueled since childhood with a spirit of adventure, exploration, and spontaneity, she felt unsettled conforming to fit in with societal norms, so she embarked on her own path of self discovery to reconnect with her inner self and reveal her life calling. Now, she is dedicated to the expansion of consciousness and guiding others in shedding layers and removing blockages within all layers of their human constitution to feel confident in their body, mind and spirit, so they can connect with their true nature, uncover their life’s purpose and lead their lives guided by their hearts.


Katie is a registered 200-hour Yoga teacher through School of Yoga Institute, as well as currently in the process of completing her Yoga Therapist Certification with 300-hours already completed in the study. Her mission is to transform the way Yoga is viewed, so that all beings can feel that Yoga is accessible to them. Katie incorporates her love for sacred ceremony, Yoga philosophy, Kirtan, Vedic chanting, and other holistic modalities into her teachings.


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She incorporates principles from the Viniyoga tradition of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar, as well as The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali into her teachings. Her style focuses heavily on the breath and unification of body, breath and mind to achieve Yoga (union) through utilizing practices of breath/body coordination, controlled and mindful movement, breath work, sound/chanting, mantra, and visualization.


She expresses her deepest gratitude for her teachers, ancestors, ancient healers, elders, Mother Earth (Alpamama), Pachamama, Father Sky (Inti Tai Tai), Mountain Spirits (Apus) and the spirits of the four directions.



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“Tell me,

what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver


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