Anatomy instructor, Yoga teacher, Sacred Space Holder.

My name is Alexa, but you can call me Lex. I was born & raised in Commerce, Michigan. I was a dancer for many years growing up and I fell in love with music at a young age. I went to my first yoga class when I was 16 and it changed my life. The movement & music resonated with the dancer in me and after experiencing the bliss of savasana, I was hooked. I’ve been practicing ever since.


I walked away from my first yoga class with this deep knowing that I wanted to become a teacher one day. I always loved choreographing dance routines and I had been making my own “mixtape” CD on the computer before “playlists” were a thing. However, it wasn’t until years later that I finally committed to yoga teacher training.


I moved to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah. While living there, I completed my 200hr YTT and received my certification from Corepower Yoga in 2016.


When I was in college, I found another passion: Anatomy. My interest in the human body led me to working in a cadaver lab for several years as an Anatomy Teaching Assistant (TA). This experience helped me hone skills as an instructor and helped me find comfort in the seat of the teacher.


In 2018 I received my Bachelors degree in Anatomy & Physiology from the University of Utah. That same year
finally started teaching yoga classes. I taught yoga in Salt Lake City for a year before returning to my roots in the Midwest, where I currently live.


In 2022 I knew it was time to go deeper ~ to expand my knowledge of yoga and strengthen my skills as a yoga teacher. I chose to pursue my 300hr certification with School Yoga Institute. Over the summer, I completed my 300hr YTT in Holistic Yoga Psychology & Intuitive Wisdom in Costa Rica.


In my classes, I place emphasis on alignment + breath. I like to create grounding, intentional, soulful classes. It’s my goal to create a space where people feel safe and held to retreat inward.


When I’m not on my yoga mat, I love to be in nature. I enjoy camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and anything on the water. I love to travel and to try new things!


I also love baking, reading, and writing. I spend a lot of my spare time studying astrology and I aspire to become an Astrologer as well. Whenever I can, I am most definitely getting down on a dance floor somewhere… even if that dance floor is in my bedroom!

What’s your favorite pose?


Ardha Chandrasana.My favorite active asana is half moon because it feels liberating to me. I love tapping into the strength and stability here to find balance. Rooting down while also lifting up. It’s a balancing posture and it has a balancing effect on the body.


My favorite restorative pose is belly-down savasana because it feels like hugging the earth



What’s your favorite quote?


I have a deep love for words! I have many favorite quotes, but this one feels like yoga to me:


“Healing is a deep remembering that the medicine we seek lies within meeting the self more deeply.” ~ Dr. Sarah Campbell



What inspires you in your practice?


My practice is inspired by connecting inward. The connection I feel to myself on my mat is the best. It’s unmatched and unparalleled. And the empowerment that comes from that connection is what I find so healing.


I believe that yoga has the power to heal people because when we connect inward, we find empowerment, and we start to trust ourselves when we feel empowered in our own body. Then when we develop trust in ourselves, we can meet the people and the world around us more authentically and deeply. It’s connection that we’re all trying to find ~ it’s just that we have to feel connected to self first.



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- Mary Oliver

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