Yoga Teacher, workshop curator, dog mom.

Maha was born and raised in a small town on the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Penn State University Park with degrees in Spanish, Sociology, and International Studies, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in the music industry as a DJ and performing artist. Wanting to utilize the energy she felt in the nightlife scene for a more positive impact on collective consciousness, Maha answered the call of Spirit to step into the role of Shaman, and sojourned to the Sacred Valley of Peru to study Mystical Yoga with the School Yoga Institute. The intense shifts that resulted from her experience in Peru with SYI redirected her path onto a completely new course. Studying and teaching the arts of yoga and consciousness became her sole focus.


Since her training in Peru, Maha has been Reiki attuned and certified in over 2,000 hours of yoga trainings. Her unique style of teaching is inspired by the diverse dimensions of yoga she has studied, including: Tantric Meditation and Yoga Nidra, Thai Yoga Massage, Aromatherapy, Sequencing, Prenatal, Restorative and Yin Yoga. Some of her most inspiring teachers with whom she has studied include: Sally Kempton, Judith Hanson Lassater, Loren Bassett, Yogi Charu, Philip Askew, Ganapati Jed Pennell and Kat Fowler.


Maha Devi currently lives in New York City, and teaches Vinyasa and self-curated fusion workshops at Y7 Studio in Manhattan. When she is not enjoying beat-bumping, sweat-dripping Yoga in NYC, Maha is facilitating 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings with SYI. Her current passion is learning about the workings of the human nervous system, and the power of yogic practices on the impact of the human brain and energy fields. She is the author of the book Guiding Yoga Nidra, the creator of Heavily Meditated workshop, and the proud mom of four Pomeranians (She usually brings a few to the trainings- except for Bali, as they do not permit dogs to enter the country.


Maha Devi’s practice is colored by the power of the Divine Feminine, her passion for nature’s beauty, the dance between spirit and soul, the ethereal power of music, and the deep bliss of the conscious indweller. Her utmost love in life is sharing in sangha with her students and feels blessed to be part of the School Yoga family.

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?


Would it be cliché if I said Savasana? It is the best pose to do Yoga Nidra in….
I can’t honestly say I have a favorite asana. More than a pose of yoga, the state of yoga is my favorite shape to shift into. ;-)



What is your favorite quote?


“No stress. Love, live life, proceed, progress.” — Lil Wayne


I think it sums up my paradigm beautifully and concisely.


No stress- because the things we can handle in the moment, we will. And it’s all part of a bigger plan in the hands and heart of Spirit, anyway.

Love- Love is the Law. Love yourSelf, love others, love the Earth and the cosmos, love is the

answer to all. Loving is Walking in Beauty and wonder. Heaven on Earth.

Life life- because that is why our Divine Spirits choose to incarnate into the physical world of form. Consciously live your life, with intention; because it has the potential to inspire others and light up the world.

Proceed- move on, keep going, do your thing!
Progress- always strive to be an innovator, to create, the move forward as a better version of yourself each day.



What inspires you in your practice?


Literally, the breath. In anatomical terms, the term for breath is actually inspiration. I have a tattoo of the word Spiritus, which in Latin which translates to breath as well as spirit itself. In yogic tradition, it is understood that prana (life force) travels via the breath. Flowing with breath in my practice, especially when I am able to breathe more slowly and deeply, inspires me multidimensionally: via my body, heart, mind, and soul. It is so deeply nourishing and the most magical portal into the transcendental states of consciousness.



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