meet MARA

A mother of 4 children, a writer, autonomous birth advocate, yoga teacher, a lover of plants, and gatherer of Wimyn.

Deeply embodying the sacred feminine, she spends time caring for her small homestead, preparing nutritious food, crafting, medicine making and home educating her young children. Together with her husband, she cultivates a small hobby farm on Canada’s East Coast.


Although she’s been practicing yoga for 18 years and teaching for 13, Mara became deeply interested in spontaneous and ecstatic birth after her first pregnancy and miscarriage. She went on to have a transformational experience with the home birth of her daughter, Szerafina, followed by two more losses and the stillbirth of her second daughter, Sage.

The healing and gorgeous home waterbirth of her rainbow baby, Selah, was a profound awakening, one surrounded by community and love. She most recently gave birth at home to her little viking son Odin, supported by her amazing husband and daughters.


Yoga was a tremendously beneficial force in her healthy and autonomous pregnancies, as well as peaceful births and continues to be a daily touchstone in her life. Mara is well attuned to the natural miracles of both birth and death, how darkness proceeds light and how faith triumphs over fear, every time. She is an advocate of the innate wisdom of wimyn and of our birth right to create and bring forth life in conscious joyfulness. She believes that teaching wimyn to embrace the sacred feminine through yoga, nourishment, ritual and community will bring about the ultimate peace that the world is craving.




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“Tell me,

what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver

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