B200hr Certified Yoga Instructor, with a Mind Body Health Certification- and a Masters in Organizational Behavior and Development.

Many people tell Mikayla “it’s like fitting a square peg in a round hole” because Mikayla believes there is not one mold to fit and one linear path to go down. She believes there is a fullness, richness and joy to life that can be experienced as we step outside of our comfort zones and lead lives thatare authentic to who we truly are. ‘Cause that’s what life is all about right???


Since moving from her hometown in Boston, leaving her high-heeled marketing job in New York City, trusting her intuition and moving to Tel Aviv in search for deeper meaning and connections, experiencing personal development workshops around the world, to solo-traveling to the mountains of Peru to receive her Yoga Teacher Certification, Mikayla has now found herself as a proud Yogi with years of event planning experience, a certification in Mind Body Health Coaching, Masters in Organizational Behavior and Development, and founder of two experiential well-being businesses.


After her Yoga Teacher Training in Peru, Mikayla’s world transformed as she felt she was truly able to step into her power, potential and authentic purpose. She created her first yoga business called With Mik whose mission is to bring positive wellness experiences to the community with a focus on connection to oneself and others.


She hosted pop-up outdoor yoga classes and is well known for her Mornings with Mik Yoga + Breakfast Bowl experience with an aim to connect members of the international community with one another and with other local small businesses


From building this community, she went on to co-found Serenity House. Serenity House is space and a community playing at the intersection of spirituality and practicality with a mission to bridge the gap between the abstract world of mysticism, yoga philosophy, mindfulness and the practical world of business, professional and personal development, to give the tools to ideate, create and celebrate an ever evolving world. Mikayla and her business partner did this through hosting Morning with Mik experiences, cacao ceremonies, conscious business pop-ups, conscious consulting, workshops, space rental to healers, co-working, meditation classes and so much more!


Mikayla’s path has allowed her to see that our personal life and professional life are not separate. She believes that in order to truly thrive in life, as both a bad-ass business person and happy human, it’s important to explore ourselves, what is our why, and what lights us up. By focusing on gratitude, growth mindset, love and connection, we can all shine our light on the world and those around us. Yoga, as a way of life, is her why and she is so excited to be able to teach others how to live their why through the philosophy and teachings of Yoga.

What’s your favorite pose?


Kapotasana- also known as Pigeon pose.


This is one of Mikayla’s favorite poses because for her, it is where she feels the deepest mind-body connection. In its full expression, kapotasana impacts all the organs and glands between the thighs and the brain. Each of these plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. And because they are regulated by the autonomic nervous system, they function independently of our conscious control.


In the language of yoga, this is the region of the body enveloped in darkness and governed by survival instincts. We have no conscious awareness of what is going on in these organs, and yet for the most part, they function intelligently and harmoniously ( This area is often the part of the body where we store the most emotions so while deepening into this pose, we often feel emotions arise that we didn't even know were stored in the body. By using breath to enhance the mind-body connection in this pose, we can physiologically release and let go of our negative emotions and create more space both physically and emotionally for flexibility, blessings and opportunity to come in.



What’s your favorite quote?


“Trust the unfolding of life.” - Bhagavad Gita



What inspires you in your practice?


To me, yoga is a way of life. How I practice yoga is often a direct reflection of how I’m practicing life at any given moment. Yoga is all about balance and union of mind, body and spirit. Getting off balance and falling is inevitable, however, it is the choice to get back up and try again that matters. So I ask myself, where in my life do I practice resilience and pick myself up and try again after I “fall”? Yoga is about flow and moving with intention. How do I “flow” with what life throws at me, trust the unfolding of life, and make choices with pure intention? Yoga asks us to lean into the discomfort of postures. Where do I lean into challenging experiences and find comfort in the discomfort? Yoga is about staying present. Where can I let go of past stories, fears of the future and truly step into the present moment? Yoga allows us to go outside of our comfort zones and try something new. Where am I willing to move past my boundaries and not be afraid to ask for an “assist”? Yoga is about practicing unconditional love- to myself and to others. Yoga reminds me that we are part of a bigger picture, a bigger story than the individual lives we lead. But in the end, we can only be responsible for ourselves- practicing and living from our own love and our own truth.



  • 200hr School Yoga Institute, Peru 2019
  • 200hr School Yoga Insitute Shadow, Costa Rica 2021
  • Mind Body Health Certification- Institute of Eating Psychology
  • Masters in Organizational Behavior and Development- Israel
  • Retreats: Hoffman Process, Quarter-Life Calling, Red Tent Retreats



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- Mary Oliver

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