Shaun now leads workshops, retreats & trainings all around the world. He completed his 200 HR with SYI in Peru (2018) and recently did our 300 HR in India (2023). For 6 years he’s made it his mission to help others recover who they were meant to be all along, rekindling their spiritual creativity and helping them use it for good.

He does this by drawing from his own experience. When he started yoga, he couldn’t even sit with his legs crossed. He grappled with injuries, anxiety & addictions, arriving on the mat broken. Then his world started to change through practicing yoga.

In his personal journey towards self-discovery and healing, Shaun found solace in sobriety. He’s given classes to different mental health charities such as Samaritans. Using his lived experience has uniquely equipped him to support others on a similar path, creating a safe and compassionate space for individuals seeking balance and recovery through yoga and mindfulness.

After his 150 HR Rocket Teacher training with Leon London, he helps people find their inner strength with inversions. His 50 HR Yin teacher training with Norman Blair brings a calm and grounded quality to his teaching. Completing his 100 HR Pregnancy Yoga TT with Nadia Raafat allowed him to discover how sacred Yoga is as he helps pregnant yogis & couples through their 9-month journeys.

Meditation is also at the core of Shaun’s teaching philosophy. Having done the SYI 50 HR Meditation TT in 2021 he went on to attend multiple 10-day Silent Vipassana courses & study at Ashrams in India. Overcoming his own struggles with ADHD & anxiety, he believes in the profound benefits of stilling the mind. His wisdom and guided meditation sessions provide a sanctuary to help you out of negative core beliefs, into a more loving place.

Shaun uses his professional acting and writing background to help students discover their mission in life with clarity & creativity. He understands the power of storytelling and self-expression. In Shaun’s lessons, you’ll receive tools to elevate your presence, delivery, and articulation, ensuring you overcome any fear you have around teaching. He uses deep inner child journaling exercises to unlock your story and own it. You’ll find your own authentic voice. He believes in the healing power of using your own story to help others through theirs. Change your story, change your life.

Above all, Shaun sees teaching as an act of service. He creates a safe container where people can explore who they really are and recover their inner voice. His commitment is to serve others so they can go on to serve their own communities with yoga, meditation & love.

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Gomukasana. I have incredibly tight hips so this feels like such a nourishing release. The tripod headstand in between, to switch sides is also a fun one to give a go.

“Instead of looking for your soulmate be a mate to your soul”

– Russell Brand

To do every practice slightly different. Whether it’s doing inversions, holding a pose for longer or choosing a different opening mantra. It helps me get comfortable with change, reminding me that it is the only constant in life. Nothing is the same. Let go and enjoy the flow.


“Shaun’s yoga is like therapy for my mind, body, and spirit. He brings a moving meditation that I find healing, uplifting, and fun.”


“Shaun has a remarkable talent of breaking down the most challenging poses into simple steps – and before you know it – you can do it.”


“Its so refreshing to meet someone like Shaun, who is what they say they are, on and off the mat”