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Yoga is a practice of collective liberation. In this way, trauma-informed yoga is people-informed yoga.


Our Trauma Informed programs are designed not only to provide you with the tools you need to share the ancient wisdom of yoga with others in a trauma sensitive way, but also to inquire into your own life from this perspective. We will focus heavily on the ways you can take yoga off of the mat and into the world, insighting powerful change in your communities.


We created the Trauma-Informed section of School Yoga Institute in 2019 as we recognized an emerging desire for Yoga Trainings that focus on mental health, emotional intelligence, and social justice. Our Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Trainings were created and are led by Jeanine Talento and Brooke Alexander, two of our most beloved and seasoned facilitators.

When “teaching” Yoga, we are not just guiding poses.

We are guiding people.

We are guiding nervous systems.

We are guiding complex and unique physiologies.

Each of us has a different orientation of how we perceive our own safety or lack thereof. Through a psycho-somatic understanding of Trauma and the ways it lives in the body, we can embrace the practice of Yoga in a way that permits each individual to have their own experience. Psycho-education around dissociation and disembodiment can give us the tools to not only understand our own physiology but the ways in which the inner worlds and trauma responses of the folks that we work with may differ from our own.

A yoga space that honors the nuance of the human experience facilitates an environment where each practitioner can take agency over their own bodily autonomy, nervous system regulation, and power of choice. A truly trauma-informed environment embraces and welcomes all emotional realities while highlighting the undeniable truth that embodiment means discerning for oneself what feels right and what feels safe in each moment.


Our integration of this knowledge then informs the way that we show up to hold space for others on their mats. With compassion, curiosity, and kindness we can broaden our willingness to meet the fluctuations of being human both within ourselves and within each other. Embodiment practices, such as Yoga asana, are proven to be the most effective modality in trauma recovery. With this in mind, we learn that we can excavate art from our painful experiences and use it all as a source of freedom and authentic self-expression.


Through the lens of Trauma-Informed education, Yoga is not only an art and a science but a necessity for the future of our world at large.


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Trauma Informed - Options Menu (Portugal 50)

Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2022

** Limited private rooms remaining **

200 Hour Hybrid Trauma Informed Menu

Apr 7-26, 2023 (Virtual) & May 1-10, 2023 (In-Person) in Costa Rica


Portugal 50hr YTT Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2022 - Jeanine & Brooke

Online 200hr YTT - Jan 13 - Feb 26, 2023 - Jeanine & Brooke

Hybrid 200hr YTT - Apr 7-26, 2023 (Online) & May 1-10, 2023 (In-Person Costa Rica) - Jeanine & Brooke

Spain Embodied Joy - A Trauma-Informed Women's Retreat - Jul 2-7, 2023 - Jeanine & Brooke


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- Stephen Porges


The curriculum for our Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Trainings differs quite greatly from our Mystical approach.


Because of the sensitive and intimate subject matter, we encourage all participants to have their own therapeutic support systems outside of the program container. Some of the topics covered in these programs are:

  • Anatomy of the brain.
  • Understanding the nervous system.
  • Neuroscience and Neurobiology research studies about embodiment and trauma.
  • Considerations for working with & teaching yoga to trauma survivors.
  • Understanding symptomology ~ Yoga for Anxiety, Depression, OC(D) & PTS(D).
  • Trauma-Informed Chakra Work.
  • Yoga for Eating Disorders.
  • Depathologizing & destigmatizing mental illness.
  • Inclusive language.
  • Resourcing & Self Regulation.
  • Understanding triggers.
  • Shadow work.
  • Effective communication techniques.
  • Scope of Practice for Yoga Teachers.
  • Self care within community care.
  • Prison Yoga Project Work Shop - PYP provides trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices to prisons around the world.

Interested in our TRAUMA-INFORMED continuing education courses?

Trauma Informed Women’s Circle with Jeanine, Brooke & Marcia

Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness for Obsessive Compulsive (Disorder) with Jeanine


12hr YACEP Online Course


More dates coming soon!


Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness for Obsessive Compulsive (Disorder)

15hr YACEP Online Course


More dates coming soon!


Join Jeanine Talento for a deep dive into understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder through the lens of Trauma and Somatic work.



Need more information? Have questions about our trauma-informed programs?

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